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              NVIDIA MOSAIC

              Whether you want to see your designs across eight displays or project your ideas in 4K, you can with NVIDIA Mosaic? multi- display technology. Featured in NVIDIA Quadro and NVIDIA NVS? graphics card solutions, you can easily span any application across up to 16 high-resolution panels or projectors from a single system, without sacrificing performance or power.

              With Quadro, you get professional Mosaic features and maximum graphics performance making it easy to configure a solution that expands your view


              KEY FEATURES

              UNIFIED DESKTOP

              The system views multiple displays as a single unified desktop environment without software customization or performance degradation.

              Unified Desktop

              SEAMLESS IMAGE1

              See a flawless image without any tearing artifacts from a fully synchronized display environment across more than one card.

              Seamless Image

              BEZEL CORRECTION

              View a fully aligned image across multiple displays by accommodating for the gap between the monitors' bezels.

              Bezel Correction

              PROJECTOR OVERLAP2

              Create a single, unified desktop image from multiple projectors that support blending.  

              Projector Overlap


              Easily manage a multi-display environment with NVIDIA nView? desktop management software. Have full control with complete flexibility to create a personalized desktop environment.

              Mosaic desktop management