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              The NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor Program brings together graphics virtualization thought leaders and experts from across the globe, giving members exclusive access and insight into NVIDIA virtual GPU product strategy and technology. This select group engages with NVIDIA team members to help drive the future of graphics virtualization and cloud technologies by providing feedback on product strategy, shaped by their experiences and expertise. NVIDIA gives these trusted experts the information, support, and tools they need to advance the success of NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions in the marketplace and grow the community of GPU enthusiasts.



              The program recognizes the contributions of individuals who have invested a significant amount of time and resources to become experts in NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions or in related technology domains. Applicants must be industry-recognized influencers that demonstrate technical skills and hands-on expertise with NVIDIA virtual GPU and related technologies critical to graphics virtualization.

              Approved Applicants Can Expect:
              • To share insights on NVIDIA and third-party web sites and contribute to online discussions
              • Join in-person meetings with NVIDIA product teams for detailed discussions on NVIDIA virtual GPU technologies and product roadmaps
              • Access to technical support contacts
              • Receive special incentives to attend or speak at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference and other events
              • Monthly membership conference calls with key product and development staff
              • Access to demo licenses of current products and early releases of future products


              After a rigorous review process and mutual agreement on the expectations of this community, we’re pleased to announce this year’s members.


              EUC Architect/Tech Marketing

              Technical Director

              Senior Pre-sales Engineer

              Sr. Advisor, Technical Marketing

              Sr. Sales Engineer

              Director of Platform

              Principal Architect, Category Leader VMware Solutions

              Workspace Architect

              Consultant / EUC Enthusiast


              Team Lead (Infrastructure Services)

              Staff Cloud Solutions Architect

              Senior Systems Engineer

              EUC Architect

              Technology Evangelist/Consultant

              Sr. System Consultant

              Senior Cloud Engineer

              Sr. Technologist


              Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

              Principal Sales Engineer

              Principal Consultant

              Owner / Chief Technologist

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